The Swiftcat


From the start, Chris Dawson wanted to build a boat with a foiling system to ensure Swiftcat boats offered better stability and a smoother ride. After much research, he decided that the semi-foil was the best hull and foiling system for him. 

In general, the hydrofoils are protectively fitted between the catamaran hulls. They are fitted to the hull keels as deep as possible, to keep them fully submerged, but no lower than the keels. They do not protrude below the hull, nor are they wider than the tunnel beam, so there are no operational or aesthetic constraints as a result of fitting our hydrofoils.

Advantages of the semi-foil system:

  • A better ride because you are riding just on top of the water and wave conditions do not affect it as much
  • Up to 25% better fuel consumption
  • Up to 25% increase in speed
  • Does not protrude past the hulls, meaning you can dry out on a beach and do not need to worry about damage compared to other systems.
  • Our hulls are designed for a foiling system, rather than a bolt-on system to existing hulls
  • More affordable to build and repair compared to other foiling systems
  • Increased payload capacity
  • Generate less wake
  • Better response when turning on a foil

We have been proudly building our boats with foils since 2004. Rest assured, we are experienced in installing them and know our systems inside and out. We can offer in-depth explanations and are always happy to chat with any potential customers regarding this feature.

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